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_IGP0214 Joy getting ready to head to the hospital _IGP0217 Last time outside before baby arrives _IGP0219 checking in _IGP0220 we look kinda nervous in this picture _IGP0221 proud and pregnant _IGP0267 happy mom to be _IGP0284 nervous daddy to be _IGP0305 moments after birth _IGP0306 getting some O2 to make things feel better _IGP0312 little Landon crying as he is exposed to his new world _IGP0313 getting adjusted _IGP0467 little Landon comes back from the nursery to visit his family _IGP0468 Joy gets a look _IGP0469 _IGP0470 two very happy parents _IGP0471 tired but excited at the same time _IGP0472 daddy and baby _IGP0473 my first real experience holding a newborn _IGP0474 Joys mom with Landon _IGP0477 cute little face _IGP0478 Joys dad _IGP0479 Happy Al _IGP0481 My dad with Landon _IGP0482 the little guy was so tired _IGP0484 My mom holding her first gandchild _IGP0486 new little babies get passed around a lot _IGP0491 finally! sleep at last! _IGP0494 _IGP0495 _IGP0496 _IGP0499 happy mom _IGP0500 bath time
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