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Cave Imagery Lighting

Putting existing technologies to use in alternative ways tends to give us options that were previously over looked. Cave lighting for photography is no exception. As quantities of flashbulbs deminish, many photographers are looking for other ways to light the ink black darkness of the void. One alternative for small to medium area lighting is the use of compact fluorescent lights. These lights have been on the caving scene for a while but the power needed to run them is still in its infancy. The power box in the picture is a prototype designed to drive up to eight of these compact fluorescent lights. The unit is built into a pelican case and makes for a nice portable power supply. Up to 400 watts can be supplied with this unit. Display includes current battery level in volts and watts being used. On its first test trip to a cave, the lighting system was used to create "Lorens Light". After seeing the results, I have decided to persue the technology further. As progress is made, I will post it here. Also, power units may become avalible for purchase.


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