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What if Tumbling Rock was a thru trip...

Loren's Light


On a recent outting to Tumbling Rock cave I had the opportunity to try out a new light designed to reproduce the feeling of sunlight. The color and temp of sunlight can be tricky to reproduce especially inside a cave. This picture tells a story surrounding "what ifs" for years people of all skill levels of caving have attempted to find another entrance to Tumbling Rock Cave. With over six miles of passage (much large borehole) it ranks as one of the larger caves in Alabama. Several trips found cavers setting off smoke bombs to try and give surface teams clues as where to look for another entrance. Others would scale the walls of the mighty Topless Dome (a 396 foot tall dome with trecherous mud lined walls near the top). Year after year for several decades many cavers have pushed with the hopes of finding the elusive second entrance. Will a second entrance be found. I cannot answer that question. I can however off a glimpse at what one may see someday. The small hole in the picture leads up to the area of the Topless Dome. Imagine that someday the top of the dome collapses and falls in leaving the shaft to travel to the surface. A caver traveling in this spot would no doubt see light streaming down from the surface. Light like in this picture. Except the light would be real sunlight and not generated from electricity. Enjoy the pics and never stop imagining what could someday come to pass.

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